Leading Across Borders Podcast/Youtube Video

Dan and Joe's pilot to the season! Now we're on video! Come join in on the fun as we talk education while playing different games to make it fun!

Click the link above to listen to the pilot episode of our new podcast - where Dan Watt and Joe Clausi give you a peace of mind by making education make sense.

Traveling Principal Podcast - S3 E1 - Opener

In this season 3 opener, we've been waiting a long time before coming back on the scene, and here we are!

TTP Episode #28 - Clausi & Middleton's school reflections, and goodbyes for the summer

What better way to keep it personable with our staff, than to podcast to them. We are also zoomed out! John and I reflect on the year, we recap possibilities for next fall and what that could look like. And, we say thanks and goodbye for the summer to our ACE staff.

TTP Episode #27 - Podcasting With Seniors: Brady & Sophia Interviews

In the 27th episode of the TTP podcast, we're talking with ACE Charter seniors about end of the year ceremonies. We're talking about virtual awards night and we talk graduation. We interview Brady Walsh - Bradley's brother - a senior at Camarillo High School. We also interview Sophia Johnson, a senior at Ventura County Christian School.

TTP Episode #25 - Podcasting with Seniors: The McGuire Interview

In this episode, the boys and I get to interview none other, than the great Mr. Ian McGuire. He takes us on the ride we were hoping to go on, leaving many emotions on the table for hopefully more interviews to come. Enjoy!

TTP Episode#23 - Podcasting with ACE Seniors pt.3

Hello everyone! This is Joe Clausi here, your Traveling Principal, back to podcasting with seniors. In this third episode with ACE Charter seniors, we get into some of what it's like living as a senior in high school. We discuss some game knowledge and trends, and even take a trip back to some old games. We also discuss ACE Wars, and how we may be able to change the events and still have it.