Leading Across Borders Podcast/Youtube Video

Dan and Joe's pilot to the season! Now we're on video! Come join in on the fun as we talk education while playing different games to make it fun!

Click the link above to listen to the pilot episode of our new podcast - where Dan Watt and Joe Clausi give you a peace of mind by making education make sense.

Traveling Principal Podcast - S3 E1 - Opener

In this season 3 opener, we've been waiting a long time before coming back on the scene, and here we are!

The Traveling Principal Podcast - Episode #31: Breaking down reopening into categories - Part I.

In the 31st episode of TTP, we address a question regarding transportation from an international listener. Then, we break down what reopening will look like come the fall, into 7 different parts. In this first of two sessions on reopening, I address the first 4 parts.

The Traveling Principal Podcast - Episode #30: Marrying the new school with school in the fall

In the 30th episode of The Traveling Principal, we answer an email from an international listener helping them with virtual learning and the role of teachers during that process. We also marry my ideas from the new school concept, with that of what school will look like in the fall!

The Traveling Principal Podcast - Episode #29: Lisa Love Interview - Tanoshi Computers

Hello everyone, it’s Joe Clausi, the Traveling Principal here. In this episode, I get to interview CMO of Tanoshi Computers, Lisa Love. Lisa was recently on shark tank and is trying to bridge the achievement gap created by inequalities in education due to technology.