Traveling Principal Podcast - S3 E11: Stop & Pause

In the 10th episode, Joe reminds listeners about what it means to stop and pause after a long stretch of chaos from every angle. This podcast, is dedicated to my friend Russ.

Leading Across Borders Podcast/Youtube Video

Dan and Joe's pilot to the season! Now we're on video! Come join in on the fun as we talk education while playing different games to make it fun!

Click the link above to listen to the pilot episode of our new podcast - where Dan Watt and Joe Clausi give you a peace of mind by making education make sense.

Traveling Principal Podcast - S3 E4 - Opener Again!

In this season 3 opener, we've been waiting a long time before coming back on the scene, and here we are!

The Traveling Principal Podcast - S2 E13: Podcasting with ACE Seniors pt.3

Hello everyone! This is Joe Clausi here, your Traveling Principal, back to podcasting with seniors. In this third episode with ACE Charter seniors, we get into some of what it's like living as a senior in high school. We discuss some game knowledge and trends, and even take a trip back to some old games. We also discuss ACE Wars, and how we may be able to change the events and still have it.

The Traveling Principal - S2 E12: A Ride Through the Mind of Joe Clausi

The Traveling Principal Podcast - S2 E11: Talking with ACE Seniors pt.2

Hello everyone, my name is Joe Clausi, and I’m the Traveling Principal, and the ACE Principal, podcasting the heck out of this pandemic! In this episode, I talk with Bradley, Isaac, Myles, and Damien - about all things technology in the world around us. We take a trip down memory lane with gaming, talk about some new stuff coming out too. We get into talking about esports, trends in technology, and even touch on how we are different people in the world today.

The Traveling Principal Podcast - S2 E8: Staying social while social distancing...

In this episode, we discuss some things we can do to be social, while making sure we are practicing proper social distancing. We review some creative spins on virtual hang outs, talk about being generous, and even celebrate a birthday in a way I've never seen before.

ACE Principal's Podcast - S2 E7: Interviewing ACE seniors 3/23/20

Hello everyone, it’s Joe Clausi, the ACE Principal here with your third podcast during home instruction, keeping you updated with all things ACE Charter. I finally get to interview 4 seniors at ACE Charter, which took a pandemic for the podcast to occur. We cover all kinds of topics, and had so much fun we're already planning a second one!

ACE Principal's Podcast - S2 E5: First Day of School

Hello everyone! It’s your favorite principal - Joe Clausi here. I’m starting a podcast for the students and staff at the school, and will put out weekly episodes talking to everyone, as we experience times like these. Sometimes, all we need to do is reach out, and perhaps we’ll see that since we’re in this together, we can find a way easier. I cover what home instruction will look like, and talk about rescheduling events for this school year.

The Traveling Principal Podcast - S2 E4: Transitioning into Online Learning

In this episode, I offer some truths about the current situation, and staying afloat. I discuss the process of going into the virtual world of instruction, and some of the tips of successfully teaching in this environment.