Traveling Principal Podcast S4 E13 - Stay Motivated!

In this podcast, Joe addresses a major concern that is the usual for educators this time of year. He gives us 5 tips to increase student motivation during the end of the school year, when it's the most challenging for students to want to do so all the while we are at our peak of exhaustion. Enjoy!!!

Traveling Principal Podcast S4 E12 - Believe the Hype?

In the 12th episode of the Traveling Principal Podcast, Joe is asked a questions about rallying your school population and the effectiveness in the time spent. He goes over some trends internationally, and shares some tips on how to spice up your school's spirit.

Traveling Principal Podcast S4 E11 - Executive Functions with Mitch Weathers

In the 11th episode of season 4, Joe gets the honor of interviewing Organized Binder's very own - Mitch Weathers, who is hot off the presses with his new book. Joe puts him on the hot seat and we play - name that executive function.

Watch or Listen!!!!! Enjoy either way!

Traveling Principal Podcast S4 E10 - It's All About Relationships

In the 10th episode of season 4, Joe talks about a story from his past that revolves around creating relationships with one of the toughest students that he’s ever come across - and how she learned to become one of the most successful. 

Traveling Principal Podcast S4 E9 - Special Education is Education

Do you want to know how to make an incredible impact in every learner at your school and in the classroom? What if I told you that the method is something that’s a small tweak to what’s right in front of us - this whole time.

Traveling Principal Podcast S4 E8 - Special Education is Education

In this 8th episode of the 4th season, Joe discusses how trends in schools could show that if we just made a slight tweak and made all education modeled after some components of special education - and shifted our mindset to skills instead of content - we would find much greater results with all learners.

Traveling Principal Podcast S4 E7 - The Impact of Negotiations

In this 7th episode of the 4th season titled The Impact of Negotiations, Joe has seen enough. Schools are in the middle of contracts and negotiations, and this makes everything chaotic. As chaos presumes, the focus is off the students. This is an attempt to shed some clarity on what can be done, why things are usually the way they are, and Joe shares a few tips to redirect.

Traveling Principal Podcast S4 E6 - College and My Past Career

In the 6th episode of the 4th season, Joe dives into recent reports of the decline in confidence in the US post secondary system, discusses why this is, and what is being done about this. Joe also responds to fan emails asking for stories from his past days in New York City public.

Traveling Principal Podcast S4 E5 - Riffing on Education

In this 5th episode of season 4, Joe goes on a rant about state credentialing for teachers, uses an AI Chat bot that he created for teachers and leaders, challenges AI to see which is smarter, and at the end we talk about future show topics and locations that are incredible!

Traveling Principal Podcast S4 E4 - Trends in Education

In the 4th episode of the 4th season - Joe shares the trends that he sees and reads about in K-12 schools. He even gives a glimpse of some international trends that we should all know about! Enjoy your Traveling Principal Podcast!