Connection. Engagement. Purpose.
Partnering with schools to design, implement, & fund effective contemporary CTE Pathways!


Students in a career pathway they are passionate about are more authentically connected to their learning.


Real world applicable content within interest pathways serves to engage your most disinterested or under-motivated students. 


Give school purpose by making a clear connection to what students are learning today and what they need in life after K12.

Why CTE Now?

Career-readiness & hands-on learning create more engaging schools that are linked to higher graduation rates.
From New York City public schools, to small charter schools, I am familiar with it all.
I have spent 20 years working with comprehensive schools, career and technical education schools, small schools, charter schools, and buildings that have multiple schools in them.
Are you ready to engage all students by designing, implementing, and FUNDING your CTE Pathway!